The joyful Series

Author Ryan Bondy

Joyful Wealth - How to Put More in Your Account

Joyful Wealth Ryan Bondyondy
Joyful Wealth Ryan Bondy

Joyful Finances - You Were Made to prosper

Joyful Finances Ryan Bondy
Joyful Finances Ryan Bondy

Biography of Author Ryan Bondy

Ryan J. Bondy was born in the small Canadian town of Belle River. Raised in a middle class family, he enjoyed the challenges of shift working parents and summer vacations that included lakes and cottages. Surrounded by hard working factory folks his entire life, Ryan’s keen interest in finances developed at a very young age. After thirty years of building business and investment portfolios, Ryan enjoys sharing his experiences, including some of the near tragic moments, and encouraging people to take control of their lives. Follow along as he creates the Joyful Series. From running a marathon to running a million dollar business, from golfing in Hawaii to extended stays in intensive care, Ryan’s perspective on family, friends, fitness, faith and finances (the 5 F’s) has rocked a new lifestyle for he and his family.

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If you live in the Windsor Ontario area you can purchase a copy directly from Ryan. Call or email about pick up location. If you are not so local you can purchase his books online at Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Thrift Books, Google Books, Book Depository, Blackwells,  Booktopia,  Better World Books, as well as many other online and brick and mortar book stores. 

Reviews of Joyful Wealth

Great book with great ideas!

Very well written book with many great ideas along with sustainable routines. All can benefit from adding this to their library. Look forward to more by this writer and will enjoy reading this over again as it is not just a one time read type of book!

  • Todd Rhoden

Definitely Enhances Self Reflection

Definitely creates a the new meaning of “account”. This book has taught me that the “account” isn’t about money. It’s how we as people, interpret everyday living. For example, I’m not fond of grocery shopping at all.But after reading this book, I have learned to self reflect and be thankful that i can go grocery shopping to buy food, whereas other people may not have this luxury. Great job Ryan!

  • Danielle Duby

An excellent review of ideas for great living

Ryan gives an excellent outline of ways to enjoy life and ways to make sure that you are living life to the fullest. Interspersed with personal and objective stories, he manages to take learning and reviewing and make them easy and enjoyable. Should be required reading for all twenty-somethings, and one can learn a great deal from this book at any age. 

  • srfulford

Thought provoking yet enjoyable read!

I was pleasantly surprised by this book! It drew me in with it’s fresh perspective and charming approach! Ryan manages to marry down to earth analogies with time tested truth. I was provoked to take inventory of my life and consider making change to long standing mindsets. I love being challenged and found this book accomplished that on most of it’s pages!

  • Donna Penge

Reviews of Joyful Finances

In this, the second book of his Joyful Series, Ryan skillfully presents a multitude of financial principles that he has gleaned from personal experience and extended reading.Ryan takes the best of books such as Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Fraser Smith’s The Smith Manoeuvre, mixing it with wisdom found in George S. Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon (don’t let the title scare you), and weaves in his own story of trial and success. There may be some tools lacking in your toolkit right now, but Ryan will gladly lend you his! He is crazy passionate that you would live a life free from the burden of “have not” and possess the confidence to change your life and outlook. I encourage you to borrow his tools, but more importantly grab some of his vision. You can go farther than you think and do better than you ever expected.

  • Dr. Claude Page, Associate Pastor, Board President of ACM Ministries

As a pastor, living with the knowledge that I would not have a pension, not having a lot of income to invest in RRSPs was troubling at best, and often a cause for sleepless nights at worst. Thankfully, after meeting Ryan and Megan and having some powerful conversations, we were introduced to a new and freeing financial mindset. They introduced us to the power of capital and the ability to invest in real estate to create passive income and open the door for a plan to retire. I never would have thought I would invest in real estate, but this journey has opened my eyes to a better future. They are both gems with a wealth of knowledge.

  • Jay Armaly, Senior Pastor, Antioch Christian Ministries

My name is Shane Rau. I’m currently an independent contractor in the home renovation industry, and a worship leader in my community. In the past I tried many times to start a sustainable business but I could not gain momentum. One Sunday morning in January 2019, a gentleman approached me and my wife to introduce himself. “Good morning, my name is Ryan,” he said. “I’m not exactly sure why, but God has highlighted you guys to me and I had to come over and introduce myself.” My wife Brandy and I made plans to meet Ryan and his wife, Megan. Over the course of a couple meetings, we soon discovered our mutual interest in business ownership and real estate investing. Ryan and Megan had experience in both of these areas while my wife and I wanted to learn more. As we developed our friendship, Ryan suggested that I start a property renovation business. What ensued would prove to be an invaluable mentorship in the areas of business ownership and real estate investing. With his advice, I doubled my income in the first year and learned how to acquire consistent work from many clients. Although I already knew how to do the work, I learned new perspectives from Ryan regarding how to run the business, manage my costs, and plan for the future. I now have the freedom to live the life of which I had been dreaming for a really long time. My business, and the level of joy in my family’s life, has continued to grow as a result of the time and talents Ryan shared with us. We are very thankful for what we have learned, and put into practice, from Ryan’s teachings.

  • Shane Rau, Independent Business Owner, New Moon Restoration
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