R.E.A.L. Education

R.E.A.L. Education

Fueled by a burning desire to assist others, Ryan J. Bondy has committed a lifetime of effort, experience and knowledge in the areas of real estate and financial management to helping you. Often accused of having a significantly alternative prospective on life, Ryan along with his wife Megan began sharing these perspectives on a Facebook platform which you are invited to visit at The Joyful Series Facebook Group. Here you can interactively dialog with members making the most of life. You will find daily messages designed to encourage and inspire. Take a message or leave one, this is a family friendly forum that the founders hope will assist you in optimizing the joy in your life. 

Ryan has now authored multiple written publications on the topic of joyful living and managing your finances. You can find his work on The Joyful Series page. We are currently working on adding audiobooks for your listening pleasure and hosting a live podcast soon, stay tuned. 

Perhaps you’re ready to get more out of life now, and reading about it just isn’t your learning style. Come join a R.E.A.L. Education workshop happening soon. Workshops are happening throughout the year so visit the R.E.A.L Education page for details pertaining to the next live class you can join now. 

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