Real Estate Investment

real estate investing

Our Company Evernew Life is ever changing and ever growing. We thrive on the evolution of small beginnings to greater means.

Evernew Group Properties Real Estate Investors & Consultants

If you’re looking to purchase an income property, or sell a distressed property, we can help! We have extensive experience with income property in Canada and the United States. Throughout the years we have purchased, sold, rented and managed more than 200 properties of nearly every nature. Residential, commercial, industrial, and now even mobile, we are constantly looking to turn our inventory and add to our portfolio. 

Our team of Real Estate consultants consist of problem solvers for owners needing help in the following areas; troubled rental housing, financial distress, inherited property, real property liquidation due to divorce, property in disrepair beyond owner’s control, and poorly or mismanaged property.  We have the ability to see past the current condition and envision the true potential each property may have.  We can expand, add a garage, build an outbuilding, change the floor plan and improve the landscaping.  We at T.E.G. believe every property is a diamond in the rough.

Contact us today if you are interested in purchasing one of our Investment Properties or if you have a property that you need taken off your hands quickly. Email Evernew Life today! admin@evernewgroup.ca

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