Real Estate

With over 30 years of experience, investing, maintaining and managing Real Estate properties, Ryan has accrued a vast bit of knowledge in all areas of purchasing, maintaining, renting and selling properties.

Whether you are interested in starting your own Real Estate Investment endeavours and would like some pertinent, time and money saving advice, want to sell your property, or need a top rated Real Estate Management and Maintenance company to take care of your investments, Evernew does it all.

We periodically add new listings of our commercial, residential and mobile rental units on our Rentals page or you can always call us and let us know what you are looking for and we will add you to our waiting list.



REAL ESTATE Rental properties

Residential, commercial and mobile units available for rent. 

Real Estate Management & Maintenance

Learn about what we can do for your rental units to keep them running smoothly and well maintained or completely overhauled.

Real Estate Investment

Learn about our Real Estate background and how we can help you invest in Real Estate.


View our before and after images so you can see the amazing results we can achieve and the abilities we have in remodelling, restoring or building from the ground up. The potential is endless, no matter how much disarray your property is in.

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